SBI GCC limit

This green channel has become a threat to account holder as when ATM card is stolen then anyone can withdraw limitless money within few minutes. It also does not have authentication for large transactions like asking for PAN card or other identity proof or even signature of account holder. Kindly someone explain the withdrawal process through green channel if I am wrong.


The Green Channel Counter or GCC aims at providing customers with a simple, secure and quick way of executing daily banking transactions. Only the ATM cum Debit Card and PIN is needed to identify a Customer and his / her Bank Account.

GCC is a counter manned by a teller where a Transaction Processing Device (TPD), similar to a PoS machine, is attached to the terminal. Customer swipes the shopping cum Debit Card, selects a particular transaction and enters the amount and the PIN. Post authentication, the transaction gets transferred to the teller’s terminal who enters denominations of cash to be paid / received, then pays / receives cash and completes the transaction. The Customer is provided with a printed receipt generated from the TPD. Since your PIN number is needed for all transactions, it is secure.

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