SBI women home loan

Since home loans for women are cheaper can i take a home loan in my wife’s name with me as a co applicant? What are the interest rates for SBI women home loan?


It is a good idea to take a Home Loan that offer lower interest rate and better features. The SBI Her Ghar Loan is a Home Loan scheme started by the State Bank Of India (SBI) to empower and encourage women to buy/build houses of their own. SBI is also known for its comprehensive range of loan products for every class of applicants.

Here are some points that make this loan scheme one of the best available options for women applicants:

Affordable Rate Of Interest:

SBI Home Loan for women comes at a concessional interest rate of 8.60% per annum. That means an EMI of only Rs. 776 per lakh when calculated for a period of 30 years.

Flexibility Of Repayment:

The maximum repayment tenure for SBI home loans is 30 years, or until the borrower reaches 70 years of age, whichever is earlier.

High Quantum of Finance:

After taking several factors into consideration, like the applicant’s income, assets and liabilities, property value, repaying capacity etc., SBI offers a high quantum of financing for Home Loans.

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