Tips to Close a Credit Card


Most customers feel that some credit card charges are unfair! So they proceed to cancel the card without paying their dues. However, the bank will not cancel the card unless you pay the following dues.

  • The first most important thing to remember is that the bank will not cancel your card unless you have paid all dues.
  • This not only includes the expenses you incurred on your card, but also includes all interest, fees and charges on the card.
  • Sometimes, you may cancel your card after the billing date, and as a result, there may be a residue amount which is not reflected in your last statement.

Further, you will have to continue paying interest and late payment charges on these dues till you settle everything. Simply cutting the card at your end and mailing it to the bank will not cancel the card. Insist on getting a written acknowledgement from the bank that the card has been canceled.

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Yes. I agreed regarding the dues etc. I would suggest, not to take credit card since it will remove the limit from our hands which will usually be on us while purchasing from debit card. This leads to dues frustation etc.



There is no standard procedure for closing a Credit Card. Each bank provides a different method or process to raise a request for Credit Card cancellation or closure. Hence, the Credit Card member needs to know the bank specific procedure for Credit Card closure. Listed below are a few methods allowed by the banks for cancelling a Credit Card.

• Cancel a Credit Card by calling customer care: Just like many other Credit Card related requests, Credit Card closure request can also be raised by contacting the bank’s customer care. Dial the toll-free customer care number of your bank and select the option for card cancellation to initiate the card closure request with the bank. The bank may give you a call back, discuss the details for cancellation and confirm the request before reviewing it. If there is no such option available over the call, you can talk to the customer service agent and check the procedure for card cancellation. For example, with an SBI Card, the Credit Card division of the State Bank of India (SBI) accepts credit card cancellation requests over the phone. SBI Credit Card users can call the SBI credit card customer care number to raise a request for Credit Card cancellation.

• A written request to cancel a Credit Card: Another common method allowed by banks to raise card cancellation requests is through a written request. Cardholders who wish to terminate their membership with the bank can write to the bank with all the required details and send it to the bank through an ordinary post or registered post. If the banks allows the facility, it provides the address to send the requests as well. Check the bank’s website or take help of the customer service agent to know the address. We can take HDFC Bank as an example in accepting Credit Card cancellation request through written requests. The bank requires cardholders to write a credit card membership termination request and send it to its Credit Cards division in Chennai. Along with the written request, customers need to enclose the Credit Card, which needs to be closed, cut diagonally into two pieces. Any add-on Credit Card belonging to the primary credit card should also be sent along, cut in the same manner. Only when the banks receive the cut cards and payment of total outstanding on the card will they consider the cancellation request.

• Credit Card cancellation request through e-mail: Some banks also accept Credit Card cancellation requests through e-mail. They typically provide a dedicated e-mail address to accept all such requests. Cardholders need to find out whether or not their bank offers such provision. If it does, they need to know the e-mail address and other details to send their Credit Card termination request e-mail. Citibank is one of the banks that accept credit card cancellation request through e-mail.

• Submit Credit Card cancellation request online: ICICI Bank provides an online platform to raise a Credit Card cancellation request. ICICI credit cardholders can simply visit the page on ICICI website, fill the form and submit the request online. The same form can be used for both primary and add-on card cancellation requests. Once the bank receives the request, a representative of the bank will call the customer for confirming the cancellation request within 3 working days. Upon confirmation of the same, the request will be processed in 7 days.

There are some other banks which provide online modes to raise Credit Card closure requests. Check with your bank or its official website to find the availability of the facility.

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