Tips to plan for wedding



I’m getting married this year. How can I plan and save money for this?



The year only has a few more months remaining and if your wedding has been fixed then you need to start saving money immediately. We would have suggested that you invest in Mutual Funds, however Mutual Funds come with a lock-in period of 3 years, so this won’t work for you.

You can start by literally saving cash and moving it to a Savings Account. But first, make a budget and then list down the things that you need to have for your wedding. Then start looking at venues, caterers, photographers that match your budget.

Hope this helps! And congratulations again!

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Team BB


You will be shocked by the method I am about to tell you. To save money don’t spend them. This could be a great solution for a lot of people with lots of loans by the way. Just don’t buy the things you cannot afford. And try to save money on everything. Take a walk instead of paying for public transport if it’s possible. Write a list of products you need before visiting the grocery store. Less entertainment. Try to avoid parties with drinking, bowling, etc. If you really don’t want to cancel your Netflix subscription try to watch movies online. And make more money if it’s possible! Good luck with your wedding!