Top up plan or new policy


Which is more cost effective, opting for a top up plan in health insurance or getting a new policy altogether?




It might be cheaper to buy a top-up plan if you just need additional cover and are happy with the features your policy is offering. Health Insurance top-up plans are those that serve as an addition to your main Health Insurance plan. A top-up plan covers any additional medical expenses an insured person may have to incur. You can get a top-up plan to add to your company-provided Health Insurance cover. Many employers allow their employees to purchase top-up health plans that range between Rs. 2 lakhs and Rs. 5 lakhs.
There is one big advantage of getting a top-up health plan that is linked to your company-provided insurance policy. The statutory waiting period for pre-existing diseases is waived off. Some insurance providers also offer continuity in the waiting period for pre-existing diseases.

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