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Is one time travel insurance sufficient or do I need to take travel insurance for each visit?




Whether you are a first time flyer or a frequent flyer and are going on single trip or multiple trips, Travel Insurance can help you save costs. Travel insurance can be taken by anyone and can be taken for a specific period if you are going to be there for long or for a single trip.

It’s advisable to get Travel Insurance as it covers unforeseen medical and financial losses
that might arise during your journey. It’s even more important to get Travel Insurance if you are travelling abroad. Your Travel Insurance will provide you cover against the following:

Trip Delays And Cancellation: Trip cancellation and delays are among the most common issues faced by travellers. Many Travel Insurance plan offer reimbursement for delayed and cancelled flights. When talking about flight delays, most insurance plans accept a claim under the condition that the flight was delayed for a minimum number of hours. Make sure you have the details on this clause. Ask your insurance company if they will cover non-refundable tickets and all other expenses that arise out of a delay. The more costs your insurance plan covers, the better it will be.

Missing Connecting Flights: If you miss your connecting flights, or your hotel booking gets cancelled due to the delay, your insurance plan can cover you for these losses.

Loss Of Checked-In Baggage: After flight delays and cancellation, the next most common issue faced by travellers is loss of checked-in baggage or damage to bags. Your insurance plan can cover loss or damage to your check-in baggage.

Do not wait till the last day to buy Travel Insurance. Also, when comparing Travel Insurance
products, ensure that you not only compare the prices, but also the benefits, exclusions etc.

Check availability of different covers like terrorism cover, hijack distress allowance etc, apart
from the typical coverage.

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