Ules for EPF withdrawals before retirement


What are the current rules for EPF withdrawals before retirement?


For premature EPF withdrawals before you turn 58 you can only withdraw your own contribution made towards the account. Your employer’s contribution and the interest generated on it are not
permissible to be withdrawn before you attain the retirement age of 58 years. Also your withdrawal will also be fully taxable if you are withdrawing EPF funds before 5 years of opening of your PF account.


Hi Meera,

You can withdraw from your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) account after you resign from your job and don’t find another job within 2 months of such resignation. You can also withdraw from your EPF for reasons such as marriage, education, medical treatment and housing needs. However, there might be restrictions for such withdrawals which could include you completing a certain number of years with your present organisation. If you want to withdraw from your EPF without taxes, you have to complete 5 years in your present firm. Read this blog post for more details - https://blog.bankbazaar.com/now-withdraw-from-epf-without-restrictions/.

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