Updating cibil score for home loan

I have got 24 lacs of home loan approved, how ever so far only 12 lacs of loan has been disbursed. Currently my emi is 24200/ month which is on the total amount.

Today i visited my bank to adjust my EMI based on 12 lacs vs 24 lacs and confirmed that i would not need anny more loan and i shall continue to pay the EMI based on the principal amount which is left which has been confirmed.

However when i told the to put a request to update my CIBIL to reflect 12 lacs vs 24 which is mentioned right now. Bank refused to agree to this and made statements that they have approved 24 lacs and will stay as it is. Should this not be updated to reflect 12 lacs of home loan?


Generally, your credit report will reflect the sanctioned amount and the present balance for your loan amount. We suggest that you speak to your bank and ask them to give the right information to credit information bureaus.

You could give your request in writing to the bank branch and also send a copy of the letter to the headquarters of the bank. In case, they don’t respond, you can send a copy of your loan details to credit information bureaus directly for correcting errors in your credit report.

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