What doesn’t affect CIBIL score


I checked my CIBIL score and I know it won’t affect my score. What are other things that don’t affect score?



Here are some of the factors that don’t affect your Credit Score.


While information about your employer may be part of your credit report, details about your income are not. It doesn’t really matter whether you earn a high or low salary, rather it’s all about how well you manage your finances. By that proviso, a high salary will not boost your score just as a low salary won’t drag it down.

Debit Card Usage

Since banks don’t report transactions made on Debit Cards to credit information bureaus, your habits around your Debit Card will not have an effect on your Credit Score.

Insurance Payments

Insurance companies look at your Credit Score before deciding your premium. But they do not report your timely payments to credit agencies. These payments will not impact your Credit Score. Of course, if you fail to make a payment, your policy might be cancelled. But, rest assured, your Credit Score will remain intact.

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