What is a SBI InCube?


What is a SBI InCube? Is it a bank branch?


Yes State Bank of India has opened a dedicated branch for startup named as the SBI InCube. The branch will be offering dedicated services to all startups including registration to payments, taxation and legal advises.

Currently SBI InCube is opened in Bangalore but the branches are likely to be available across the rest of India in the near future.


Hi Meera,

SBI InCube branch is a specialised branch to understand and address your banking needs for setting up a start-up. We will provide you the best suitable solutions in banking transactions and investments on a robust technology platform for your business model.

The features of this branch include:

• Experienced relationship managers, who know the exact solutions for your banking needs
• Comprehensive, competitively priced financial products and services
• Integrated online and mobile banking solutions to save your time & money
• Solutions that streamline receivables and payables and optimise cash conversion cycle
• Limited advisory on investments, taxation and forex transactions that help optimise liquidity, capital preservation and return

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