What is home loan protection plan?

I have a home loan. One of my friends suggested that I need to take a home loan protection plan since it will help repay my home loan in my absence. Can you please tell me what a home loan protection plan is all about?

Home loan companies have teamed up with life insurance or general insurance players to help mitigate the financial liabilities you owe them, in your absence. To buy a home loan protection plan, you will have to pay a premium considering your loan amount, tenure and age. You can either pay the premium in lump sum or in installments along with your home loan EMI. Once the death or medical certificate is submitted to the insurance company, they will make the payments directly to the bank. You will be entitled to tax deduction under Section 80 C for Home Loan Protection Shield. Click here to know more: http://bit.ly/1kSUg7s


Home Loan Insurance is an insurance policy that covers the outstanding liability pertaining to a Home Loan. If the borrower dies or is rendered jobless, the assured amount is used towards reducing the debt burden on the family.

You can avail Home Loan Insurance along with your Home Loan disbursement. The premium payable will be added to the loan amount and the bank disburses this amount to the insurance company as a single instalment along with the loan disbursement. The bank, in turn, splits this amount into small monthly instalments, which will be added to the loan EMI.

For example, if your Home Loan is for Rs. 18 lakhs and the insurance premium is Rs. 2 lakhs, the bank pays the premium amount upfront to the insurance company. Your loan amount would then show as Rs. 20 lakhs, out of which the EMI over the loan tenure will be split towards your loan account as well as insurance account. In effect, you will be paying interest for the premium amount also.

The premium amount varies according to the age of the borrower, loan tenure and availed amount. Premiums usually increase with the age of the borrower as there is more risk involved. The higher the loan tenure, the higher the premium.

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