When will bank disburse home loan?


I am planning to take a home loan for under-construction property where payment to the builder is construction linked. The price of property is 1 Crore and i have already paid 25 Lakh to the builder. Now, i want to take a home loan of 50 Lakh from the bank and pay the rest 25 Lakh to the builder on my own in the end. Will the bank disburse me the loan in this case as my own contribution is not paid in full?


Hi Santosh,

You can take a loan amount for how much ever you want as long as you are eligible for the same. You can make payments to the builder and then go for a Home Loan for the rest of the amount. Banks usually do allow the borrower to do this.

First check your eligibility. Once you know that you are eligible, tell your bank how much you will be paying the builder and the bank will make the rest of the payment. Payments are usually phased out in case of under-construction homes. Do check with your bank about the payment schedules.

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