Where can i get MMID code


I wanted to do am IMPS transfer but the bank asks for a MMID code. Where can i get one?


To avail the IMPS service you should have a bank account which is enrolled for mobile banking service with your concerned bank. Once you register your mobile phone with the bank the concerned bank, they will issue you a unique seven digit MMID code. Some banks allow you to easily generate your 7 digit MMID code over a SMS request or online request using your net banking account.


Hi Dhyan,

You will need a mobile number for using MMID. You can either use the banking app or SMS to do MMID transactions. Here are the steps for using MMID on the mobile banking app.
• Log in to your mobile banking app.
• Go to the fund transfer section and select IMPS.
• Enter the account and mobile number and MMID code of the beneficiary and initiate the transfer.
• You might have to verify the transaction with an OTP or mPIN.
• The money will be debited from your account and credited to the receiver’s account immediately in a matter of seconds.
• You will receive an SMS from your bank with transaction details. Keep the reference number handy in case of confusion or error in money transfer.
Using SMS
No internet connection? You can still use the IMPS service using the good old SMS. You can add a beneficiary too using the SMS format. The format in which you must send the SMS will be mentioned on the website of your bank. You can keep a screenshot of the same for use in dire circumstances.

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