Withdrawal of PF before joining another company


I was working in TCS for 5 years and left the company in October. I wanted to withdraw my PF but since TCS is a trust(uses EPF) I cannot do it until I complete 2 months of unemployment. I will join a central govt job(uses NPS) before the 2 months are completed. Is there anyway I can withdraw the money. Need it urgently. Please help



Subscribers can make a complete or partial withdrawal from their Employee Provident Fund (EPF) under the following circumstances:

• If the member has reached the age of retirement.
• If he/she needs to fund their house construction or pay their Home Loan.
• To cover medical expenses.
• To cover wedding or education expenses.
• If they have been unemployed for a duration of more than 60 days or two months.
• If they wish to move permanently abroad.
• If a female employee is resigning due to reasons such as pregnancy, childbirth, getting married, etc.

Limits on EPF Partial Withdrawal

Employees can make withdrawals based on the below listed circumstances. Listed below is the withdrawal purpose, the minimum service requirement to be eligible to make the withdrawal, the PF withdrawal limit and the relations for who the employee can make the withdrawal.

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