Wrong PAN number on form 16


I have just stared working this year and got a form 16 from my employer and it has a wrong PAN number. What should i do?


If your PAN number is wrongly mentioned in your Form 16, you will need to send a request to your employer. Your employer can check their records and issue you a new Form 16 in case of a printing or manual error. Make sure your employer makes a correction in their record books by filling a revised return of TDS with your correct PAN number.


Hi Aswani,

You will need to notify your employer by sending in a request stating that the PAN number on the form 16 issued by them is incorrect. If it is a printing error, your employer can verify your PAN number once again with their records and issue a brand new Form 16 to you. Ensure that your employer updates their records and files a revised TDS return with the right PAN number.

Team BB